Lighthouse Arab World

Reaching the heart of the Arab World with the Gospel of Jesus

Gospel Through Media

We use social media, radio, internet technology, and films to communicate the gospel to Arabic speakers throughout the world.

Train and Replicate

We believe in spiritual discipleship and training to build and empower Arab Christians and the Arab Church.

Art Opens Hearts

We believe that art opens doors to evangelism and discipleship that are typically closed to traditional methods, especially in the Arab World.


Rania is a Christian woman in her 40’s. She was an urgent case back in 2021 due to self harm and suicide attempts caused by domestic violence and abuse that took place in her household. We got in touch with her through Telegram and our team prayed and ministered to her needs. She continues to be discipled by us today.


Ashraf currently lives with his mother and has two siblings in middle school. He currently attends college where he studies engineering. Ashraf contacted us wanting to know the differences between Islam and Christianity. He has since put his faith in Christ, and currently attends a home church.


Hassan was with the Salafi Muslim Brotherhood. He believed in Jesus two years ago. Hassan had to deal with severe persecution once he announced his faith. Due to the dangerous situation, he decided to go far away from where he used to live. We got to know him through BeLight and his story has touched us all!

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